Jan Bizot-fotografie.nl This is my photosite with lots of photo's I have made.

Welcome on my site with lots of photo's I made from different objects, like flowers, animals, people and much more.


All my pictures are made with the  Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V superzoom camera.

Hello visitor, I am Jan and I live in a lovely city called Olst. I like it very much to make photo's of all sort of things like Animals, Flowers, Nature and so on.

You can find lots of photo,s here like Roses,Hortensia's, Azalea's. Look in the menu at the top and you can find what you're looking for.

I hope you like this site, look arround and enjoy, greatings Jan

Een andere hobby van mij is werken met Photoshop. Ik maak daarmee veel plaatjes van Elvis Presley die gretig aftrek vinden bij mensen op Facebook. Ook deze plaatjes staan op deze site.

Foto's van de maand gemaakt op 14 april 2021

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Another hobby of mine is working with Photoshop. I make pictures of Elvis Presley and lots of people like them and place them on their Facebook. You also can find them on this site. 

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